Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Let's Get Started

It's one week until my 22nd birthday. Half a month since I graduated from the University of Chicago and came back home to Seattle. Three months until my trip around the world begins.

I'm in the planning stages right now. My first and only commitment as of this post is in Guatemala in mid-October, when I will be volunteering in Belen with Agros. Beyond that, I expect to be deciding where and when to go next as I travel.

However, I've got a vague idea of how it's going to work: I'll start in Mexico and move down Central America, then South America. If I find a cheap way to do it, I'll make a stop near or on Antarctica, then comes the long journey west to Australia and New Zealand. I'll work my way up to East Asia by wintertime. By spring I'll be taking the trip across to Africa, followed by Europe in the summer. If I have a little time and money left over, I'll cross the Atlantic and spend a little time in the Caribbean before heading home (or wherever I end up). Once again, this is all very much up in the air and could change drastically.

Here's where you come in. If you want a piece of the action, I'd love for you to join me, either vicariously or in person. Some of you have actually talked about meeting me somewhere. Drop me a line. Now is the time for me to start planning where I will be exactly when, so if you want to meet me at a specific time and place, let me know and we can start planning together.

Everyone else can still follow what I do right here. I'll be posting pretty often; public internet access is becoming more common internationally and much less expensive than it used to be. I'll be posting regularly with stories and hopefully some good photos, maybe even some video.

In the meantime, I've got some work to do for the next couple of months preparing for the trip. Any and all tips are welcome.

Thank you very much for visiting, and I hope to hear from you soon!

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  1. I'm super stoked to follow you on your travels!... not like in the creepy stalker way, like in the reading your blog way ^_^

    I'd love to hear what the world is really like. My best friend and I are really hoping to travel some together, and I honestly am a green traveler, having only really been far from the US once. It'll be awesome to hear where you go and what you think of all the places you see!

    If you ever want to chat at any point, now or during your travels, you know how to reach me :)