Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The content of this post has been redacted by the Australian government as a national security threat. As you may or may not know, Joel has been implicated in a spy ring with a well-known Chinese national. Full details have now been made public in the press. Although Prime Minister Rudd has expressed full confidence in Joel's character and work, the publishing of this blog has been temporarily halted. Today's post was the only one identified as containing sensitive information, all 0ther posts are currently being reviewed. Those receiving this blog by email should consult the posting date on the online source and take it into consideration with regards to all communications.


  1. Hah, almost got me there. Do they have April Fools Day in Australia too?

  2. Good one! Long distance pranks . . . I can't even think of one locally!

  3. Happy April's Fool Day to you too! What's behind the link? I might click it but haven't yet...

  4. Mr. Putnam has been allowed to comment on this blog under strict supervision and with the proviso that we negate everything he says.

    We negate everything he says.

    That is all.

  5. It's a virus. From the Chinese government. It'll wipe your hard drive and replace it with anti-dalai-lama propaganda written in binary. The Australian government will then be alerted and drop down from helicopters, swarm your house and arrest you at automatic-weapon-point and take you away. Which is kinda cool, because hey, free helicopter ride. But then again it'll take them about two days to get there by chopper, plus refueling... up to you really.

    By the way, everthing the temporary defense minister says is a lie. (HAH! NEGATE THAT!)

  6. Better than when you fixed the kitchen sink to hose us down when we turned the water on. Whew.

  7. Hola Joel!!!

    Por poco me engañas eh?...jajajajja pero cuando vi la fecha del 1 de abril, pues me di cuenta que era una de las tuyas! qué astucia.... muy lindas las fotos que colocaste, espero que estés bien de salud, me alegro de poder saber de ti a través de tu pagina, saludos departe de toda la familia Mérida Montaño!!!
    Chau... saludos

  8. Mary- De verdad estaba un poco preocupado. No estaba seguro si ustedes hacen lo mismo que nosotros esa fecha! Como siempre, un placer de oir de la familia. Como estan todos? (Lo siento- esta tecla no tiene caracteres espanoles...) Saludos!