Tuesday, April 7, 2009

If you help me right now, I can win.

The 2009 Bloggers Choice Awards are on. I entered JTrek for the Best Travel Blog award. I'm cocky enough to think I've got a shot at winning. But I need your help.

What kind of help? It's simple. Vote for JTrek here.

You might have to create an account with them. As a hint, nobody is going to check that any of the info you give them is accurate, except for the email address, and that can be changed/removed later.

The awarding process is not complicated: whichever blog gets the most votes wins. If you like what I'm doing, vote for me, I just might win, and you just might find a $20 on the street tomorrow. Because karma is like that.

Thank you all!


  1. you nominated yourself, pardon my laughter


  2. did he? just like everyone else on the site then. there's a thing in big blue letters at the top that says nominate your blog, or your favorite blog. if you got a blog you don't want to nominate yourself, just say so and someone here might do it for you ::winkwink::

  3. Anon #1- Yes, I did nominate myself, it's true. I wasn't sure how legit that would be, but I figured I can't be the only one (Anon #2, seems like you back me on this?). If it's really a problem, I figure the site will contact me. (Then someone else can re-nominate the thing? Please?) And thanks for the vote.

    Anon #2- Sounds like you might have a blog on there as well? If you're reading this, maybe you can share. We'll take a look and you might get a few votes yourself.

  4. Joel, I don't know if I can handle this. Not only are you traveling the world and being freaking awesome, you're going to be an award-winning blogger? Leave something for us peons!

    Meanwhile, how did you get to Antarctica? Because inquiring minds (and by that, I mean my friend, and by that, I don't mean me) want to know so they can duplicate.

  5. Rachel- Ehh... let's save the "award winning" bit until I've actually won something, shall we? But thanks! I'm still using that quote you left on Fbook in my couchsurfing profile. I think I can think of maybe two other people off the top of my head who normally would use "peons" in a complete sentence.

    Anyway, for that cold place down there, take boat off the tip of South America. Go to Ushuaia, Argentina. I'll warn you, it's not a cheap venture, I only got it out because of a lot of generous donations and Christmas gifts I'd saved up. But, if you've got the cash, Go there between November and March, and look around travel agencies for last minute deals. The best time to see stuff is January and February, but November and March are when it will be the cheapest. Email me if you want more details- I'd be happy to help!