Monday, March 12, 2012

Wherever the Wind May

Somehow or other I've got myself a stretch of a few months, starting around June, when I'll have no responsibilities in New York City except to keep my rent paid. Last year I was in a relationship and a couple shows. I don't have those things right now. I could probably get them, but I'm starting to seriously consider other options.

So, what will I do? A few things have sprung to mind:

1) Latin America, I met a few people working in NGOs to help distribute safe drinking water to communities in Central America especially. I'd need to do some research on current safety conditions, but I like the idea of a summer helping poor communities improve their health and free up time they would have spent getting water to help themselves or their communities in other ways. Of the international options, this really has the advantage of cost and distance.

2) Mediation, For probably about the same amount as I'd spend on the trip above, I could enroll in a professional mediation training program.  Mediation seems like a good way to put my skills to use, and if someday I could use them in an international context... professional peacemaker? I kind of like the sound of that. That said, competition is fierce, and people know so little about mediation that I'd need to do some heavy, heavy marketing. Training could happen just about any major city in America. Speaking of which...

3) Epic American Road Trip, Even if I've been around the world, there's a huge swath of America I've never seen. I doubt I'd do this alone, because of the money for fuel, car, etc. It would probably be the most expensive of the options I've got here so far. Also the least resume building. But the most likely to really show me something new.

4) Hollywood Bound, So I've done the starving actor thing in NYC. I'm told there are ten times as many jobs and a hundred times the competition in LA. I've gotten paid to do my thing here onstage and into microphones. What if I spent a couple months seeing what can happen for me in front of a camera? I'd be swapping apartments, and probably figuring out a way into a car of some kind for the short term. No idea how that would work. But it's a possibility.

5) Capital Work, Internships and temp positions in DC? Weather may be absolute hell over the summer, but I've met a couple people who seem to doing things. If nothing else, it's a real resume credit to be used someday, and I can really get the lay of the land when it comes to the "industry."

That's just the first few that have occurred to me. More ideas coming, and I'll certainly be open to suggestions